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Synergy provides captive insurance formation, management, and alternative risk transfer strategies for companies of all sizes. We work alongside you to provide all the administrative, underwriting, and operations support you need to select the best captive structure and domicile to meet your business and risk management needs.

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Types of Captive Insurance

Pure Captive

A captive insurance company that has a single owner which it insures.

Association Captive

A captive insurance company generally formed by a trade association or members of an industry to provide insurance for members.

Industry Captive

Similar to an association captive, industry captives are owned by organizations within the same industry. They are often relied upon to solve specific insurance problems, such as covering a liability for which insurance is not readily available within the commercial market.

Diversified Captives & Agency Captives

These types of captive insurance are significantly different from other models and are useful only in very particular scenarios.

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Our team of highly qualified captive managers, actuaries, CPAs, financial advisors, and attorneys ensure we meet the distinct needs of every business in every industry. Our turnkey captive formation and management services allow you to bridge your company’s insurance gap to achieve comprehensive coverage and greater risk control.

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